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America Talks 09-24-2016
September 24, 2016 09:18 AM PDT
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As we approach the first presidential debate, we ask these questions. Will the event even take place? Will Hillary cancel at the last minute? And if she does, is it the end of her campaign? We’ll discuss it.

What is the meaning of a cryptic message heard on an AM radio station by a driver on the New Jersey Turnpike? Is it a warning of an impending assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life? We’ll examine it.

A national effort has begun to fight the surveillance state on the local level. We’ll give you the facts.

A mysterious polio-like illness that paralyzes people is sweeping the nation. You’ll learn the horrible truth.


Creepy clown sighting are occurring all over the country as the threats of violence become even more chilling. We’ll break it down.

America Talks 09-17-2016
September 18, 2016 02:48 PM PDT
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A complete timeline of Hillary’s health problems. Will she make it to the general election? Or will she drop out and be replaced? And if so, who will replace her? We’ll examine it.

The American people are again fully enthralled in the puppet show of national elections, and while arguments grow ever-more heated and partisan, the fact remains that no matter which way we vote there will remain a deeper state which represents the real and unchanging forces driving the destiny of this country and of the world. You’ll learn the horrible truth.

There seems to be a troubling uptick around “ethics” recently within scientific circles that are focusing on robotics, artificial intelligence, and brain research. I say troubling because embedded within the standard appeals for caution which should appear in science, there also seems to be a tacit admission that things might be quickly spiraling out of control, Is it already too late to consider the ethics of mind control technology? We’ll break it down.

America Talks 09-10-2016
September 10, 2016 10:55 AM PDT
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What is wrong with Hillary Clinton medically? Does she have an Illness that might prevent her from fulfilling her duties as President? Should her medical records be made available to the public? When will she disclose them? We’ll examine it.

Well-known JFK Assassination researcher, Ole Dammegard, says that “probable cause” evidence shows Jesse Jackson was the key covert police operative responsible for the April 4,1968 Martin Luther King assassination. Ole Dammegard will be here to explain.

As we commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11, what do we really know about what happened? Was our government complicit in the attacks? Was Osama Bin Laden involved? Was he really killed in the raid on that compound in Afghanistan? Or did he die years before? Were the planes that struck the twin towers even real? Or was the whole thing computer generated imagery? Dr. Jim Fetzer will join us to give his take on 9/11.