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America Talks 01-16-2016
January 16, 2016 09:52 AM PST
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Homeland Security conceals secret plans to cut cell service during emergencies. We’ll give you the facts.

A national ID card is coming, and you will need it to fly and drive. We’ll break it down.

The U.S. Government has an Internet kill switch…and it’s none of your business. You’ll learn the horrible truth.

Are you a threat? Police agencies are using software to scan your social media posts to determine if you’re a national security risk.

A Common Core publisher says it’s all about selling books and making money. We’ll discuss it.

Dr. Jim Fetzer says the Washington Post is helping to cover up the truth about Sandy Hook and is censoring anyone who disagrees with the official government narrative.


Experts now claim a passion for eating healthy constitutes a mental disorder. We’ll explain.

America Talks 01-09-2016
January 09, 2016 10:53 AM PST
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Mind control is very real. Neil Sanders joins us to discuss Project MKUltra, The Phoenix Program and more. Learn the horrible truth.

Jim Fetzer discusses Sandy Hook, Obama's gun control agenda, UFOs and the connection to JFK's assassination. We’ll break it down.

The complete rundown of all the facts surrounding Obama’s executive orders on background checks and why you may lose your second amendment rights if you disagree with the government are all straight ahead.


We’ll reveal 38 reasons why Obama is a Muslim. The shocking details you won’t want to miss.

And is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim? The answer is no. We’ll explain.


10 steps for living a strategic life. We’ll give you a life lesson.