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America Talks 10-10-2016
October 22, 2016 09:30 AM PDT
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A brand new leak shows that Hillary Clinton is losing this election in a landslide, but the mainstream media won’t tell you that. We’ll give you the facts.

The Clinton Campaign is set to roll out a salvage program that includes “soft-kill” technology that will mimic an invading extraterrestrial force of nearly incomprehensible scale. We’ll break it down.

What are the five triggering events that could result in the implementation of martial law? We’ll discuss it.

A new report warns of a growing biometric surveillance state. You’ll learn the horrible truth.

FBI files on Hillary’s email reveal a shadow government was in charge of her investigation. We’ll talk about it.


A lot has been made of the alleged sexual advances by Donald Trump. This week, the National Enquirer broke the story of Hillary’s trysts. Most of the media won’t touch the story. We will.

America Talks 10-15-2016
October 15, 2016 09:16 AM PDT
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Did Mike Pence and Paul Ryan attempt a Trump coup? We’ll examine it.

A new WikiLeaks email seems to indicate that former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated. We’ll give you the facts.

Donald Trump threatens legal action against the New York Times for a story he groped a woman on a plane. Will this and all of the other allegations against the Donald derail his chances of winning the presidency? We’ll break it down.

Bank of America is warning of imminent recession claiming the market is so fragile, it’s downright scary. You’ll learn the horrible truth.

Are smart cities just government spying on an unimaginable scale? We’ll discuss it.


Have we already lost America? And is this election the last chance to get it back in a non-violent way? We’ll explain.

America Talks 10-08-2016
October 08, 2016 09:47 AM PDT
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As we get ready for the second presidential debate, be prepared for the moderators who will be even more biased than Lester Holt. We’ll discuss it.

The Department of Homeland Security is turning malls and stores into giant facial recognition spy centers. You’ll learn the horrible truth.

Psychiatric lockdowns are returning to the United States. Could a disagreement with the government put you in a straight jacket? We’ll break it down.

The CDC police plan to arrest the unvaccinated as ‘diseased criminals’. We’ll give you the facts.

Speaking of the police state…it is now illegal to pray in your own home. We’ll talk about it.


NFL rating are down. And the NFL blames everything but the obvious reasons. We’ll toss it around.

America Talks 10-01-2016
October 01, 2016 09:22 AM PDT
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An eerie hacked emergency message may have foreshadowed that devastating New Jersey train crash that other day. We have the audio.

Was Hillary Clinton privy to the questions in last Monday’s debate? Was she fed signals through an earpiece? Was it even Hillary that even participated in the debate? We’ll break it down.

And speaking of the debate…Hillary’s new poster child is a porn star accused of driving a murder getaway vehicle and threatening to kill a judge. We’ll give you the facts.

State attorney’s general sue to stop Obama’s Internet transition. We’ll discuss it.

The DHS is rubber stamping citizenships prior to the election. You’ll learn the horrible truth.


A student is suspended, visited by cops and given a psychological evaluation after doing a pro 2nd amendment school project. Unbelievable.